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Anointing- experiencing God – happened here

January 14, 2015

This press release happens to deal with the Anointing of God.
It is in the “News” God is famous.
Things don’t just happen.

You don’t just move forward.
You go in the direction you are facing.
If you are facing forward then you go forward.

In a series of events,
I fell at work, hurt my arm, wrist and shoulder.
My arm was in a sling.

I went to a Church meeting at FWCC. During the
music portion, “the worship”,
I realized that The Anointing of God was there present.
I could not move my arm very much.
But because of The Anointing of God,
and the fact that I heard somewhere “God’s Anointing heals”,
I began to move my arm. I realized that I could get
a little more movement out of it than before I got to the Church meeting.
I thought “cool”. So I began to move it around in “The Anointing”.
I still could not lift my arm high like some of the other Worshippers.
One thing I recognized was that it was God helping me.
I though “I want to take some of this Anointing with me”.
That was Church meeting one. I left with a little more movment
but not as much as I got in the “Meeting’.

The next Church meeting I was eager to do the same thing.
I lifted my arm – moved my wrist – and shoulder.
Move was movement than before I got there. This time I told my self,
“I am taking this with me” when I left that time,
I did retain the same movement as during the “Worship”
part of the meeting.

I do play a guitar and like to worship God with song in the morning.
I had not been able to play my guitar.
Yesterday morning, 1-13-2015, I show’d my wife that
I could make two chords on my guitar. So I played those two chords
a “D” and a “C” chord. I made a joyful sound. I was happy.
Today, next day, My wife saw me make another chord, “F”.
I could not make a “G” or “E7” or “Am” chord.
Well I started a familiar song …
holy, holy, holy Lord—
God of Power and Might—
heaven and earth are filled with your Glor-r-ry,
then I though to get some of the “Anointing” going on
here at my home. Then God let me know to go for those other
guitar chords that I could not do
and I was BLESSED.
I went on to do about 5 other songs, worshipping God,
using the movement I could not do, realizing that
I should hold on to what God was doing and filling greatful.

Dear reader friend, look at what God is doing for you.

You don’t just move forward.
You go in the direction you are facing.
If you are facing forward then you go forward.
What are you looking at?
Look to God.

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