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Tying it together 1

April 27, 2015

To succeed you must take step number one, before you take step two.
There is a start and there is a destination.
A famous person named Jesus once said,”The sower soweth the word.”
He was saying that the “word” is seed.
An idea is a seed.
Growing a business is like growing a plant.
Growing a family is like growing a plant.
Plant the right seed and you get the right results.

One very good seed you need to plant is “this is happening”.
Or, “it’s happening now”.
Gotta be settled about that-
This Is Happening.

Thoughts can be seeds
and you don’t want to sabotage your
own results.
Until you are sure that the seed is planted,
then you cannot expect it to grow.

There is an old saying that goes something like,
“don’t put the cart before the horse”.

Call it what you want, your vision, your dream,
your business, your goals, your desire.
In the seed is the possibility.

Keep the garden of what you desire planted, in hope and in faith.
What you plant on your path now,
will show up in the future, as the result.
If you like what you are getting,
then keep planting the same.
But if you don’t like what is appearing on your path,
change what you are planting.

Well now, let the journey begin.
See the results you want.
Decide what the first step is.
If you are looking to get involved in business
please visit my websites:
Mark 4:14

Right thinking produces right action.
Right action does not produce right thinking.
Put God first.
Why do it alone?
They tried to bury us,
but they did not know we were seeds!

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