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Tying it together 2

August 26, 2015

One of the hardest things to do
is change what you are doing.

What you are doing
is the reason you are having
what you are having.
Get it. Some thing has to change to make a change.
Like a flat tire- you gotta change it to go some place.

So what is your Routine.

Your routine can work for you or against you.
It is better if your routine works for you.
You can see that much, I’m sure.

You can exist in a maze of habits
that may, or may not be good for you.

The way out is easy.
It’s as simple as crossing over a line.
Many times it’s easy-as-a-choice.

One choice can change a life.
That life may be yours.

I realize that some things in life
will give you no choice.
But you always have a choice in
reacting to the circumstances

Another thing that can change your life,
Is if you choose to make a change in your routine.

Now your gonna have to look at your routine.

You must not decide at this point whether
you can change or not.
That choice will be later when you see the simplicity.

For now, just think about how easy a choice is.
I can stand up, but now I am sitting.
I can raise me hand, the choice is simple.

Look for things that propel you
to where you want to go. Do those things.

And, look for things that hinder you
from where you want to be. Stay way from those things.
Walk in the Light, you’ll be alright.
Daniel Boone, AKA Spiritblood

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