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Notice the stars

February 17, 2016

Notice the stars.
Which stars are you following?
Look up, can you count them?

Are you a star purposed by God?
Your purpose-including, likes, desires, challenges-
is where your place and success is.
You don’t have to follow other stars.

What you are purposed for will come easier than other things.
Hearing comes easier to the ear than smelling.
That is because the purpose of the ear is to hear, not to smell.

So, there is one that knows your purpose, even if you don’t.

Which star are you following, I asked.
Notice the stars. Can you count them?
You are your own star.
You have your own purpose.

The key = NOT to work against yourself.
Work with yourself and you natural God given abilities.

Don’t sell a product that you don’t like.
Stay with something you like and
your enthusiasm will come through in your talking.

You should consider your destiny,
where do you want to go or be 5 years from now.
Consider how many hours you want to work every day.
This will be part of your cycle.
Consider how many days per week you would like to work.
This will be part of your cycle, or routine if you prefer that word.
Can you do it on the road?
Do you want a head quarters or home to work from?

If you stay consistent, then you will progress consistent.

If you are at this point,
then you do not need to consider how to yet!

Answer WHAT you want first. What is it that you want?

Next, why do you want what you want?
Free up your time?
Have more money? Travel?
I hope you are smart enough to know that
greed is not a satisfactory motive because greed is never satisfied.

I have seen people who want to work from home.
You can start with nothing. It is true.

I have also seen that people who need the money the most,
do not have the time to start from nothing,
because they are needing to pay something RIGHT NOW.

I can pay your way into a program that I am working on.
And, you really don’t have to do anything but occupy a position.
BUT, if I give you money I don’t want you to run off with it.
So I request you to join and I reimburse your money though paypal.

If you already have a program,
then consider helping other in this manner.

Also you must consider,
if you have the time to wait for me to make the money for you.
If this is agreeable to you
The way out is easy.

Thank you – be well.
I have created a web page
Now I can sponsor you in
I have my web page hosted at Hosting24

I advertise at God Centered Marking

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