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How to receive > > plug in

May 11, 2016

How to receive > > plug in.
Ideas plug you into a lot of mental places that you
should not want to go.

Let’s face it you have to focus on what’s most important
and don’t push it aside. Recognize the thoughts hostile to you.
Do not plug in to them unless you want to receive things hostile
to you.

As it is written some place, you should be
“casting down imaginations that exalt themselves….”
Many plugin thoughts are hostile to your own well being.

What is primary to our life, what is vital?
What is absolutely necessary?
What relates to your life.

That is where you start.

It is simple as that.
This may take some thought to understand what your priority is.

So now, you answered- what is vital?
Now how do you maintain what you found to be vital?
By plugging into the right things.
Unplug from the wrong things.

What are you right now plugged into?
The source, a lie, the truth, superstition,
health, sickness, drama…..plug in to only what you want.

You can actually open a door for RIGHT things to happen,
all by choice.

There is a proper order to consider.
An example:
I found out a long time ago that money cannot buy me God,
but God could get me money.

Alright, already. stop.

God is more real than you are experiencing.
There is an excitement to find out what is vital
and necessary in life. Plug in.

Listen to find out what they are excited about.
They have just recently made a “connection” with
The Almighty. They plugged in.

feelin it.

Remember when you were last excited about something?
plug in.

Daniel Boone


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