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They Lived on !

May 29, 2018

The tragic end-game for many is a night table with a dozen drugs for various symptoms. These are sometimes warehoused in nursing homes.

Natural health people are going against this cradle-to-the-grave drug system.

By choice, untold millions are choosing natural health. Good choice!

Competent medical care is great. The propaganda produced is not so great.

In the case of a person lying beside the road after a car crash surgery maybe be the life saver.  Now the person who is suffering from an immune system weakness does NOT have to be surgerized.

An immune system weakness does NOT even need medical attention. If you do go to a doctor you can get pills to ease the suffering but this will not address the cause.

The medical propagandist try to make these circumstances the same.

Medical attention they say. Thank God that more and more people are waking up to this deception.

Have you ever gone to a doctor and been told “all you need is two glasses of water”? Probably not. But the CAUSE of many aliment is lack of water! Amazing!

Proper food, exercise, clean water go a long away in preventing diseases.

Medical propaganda is on the decline.

That is worrying to the medical cartel.

What will they try next? Probably make mandatory drugs, or vaccines.



aka Daniel Boone

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